About TipTop Technologies, Inc.
TipTop Technologies, Inc. is an emerging Silicon Valley-based company founded during the summer of 2008, whose first consumer-facing product on the Internet was launched at in June 2009. Through building some unique and powerful technology at the outset, TipTop is well-positioned to take up a leadership position in the growing market of semantic-driven products both in the consumer and the enterprise space.
TipTops's Vision

The creators of TipTop hope to revolutionize the role that the Internet plays in people’s everyday lives by helping them find the people and the information that matters to them in a matter of seconds. TipTop's advanced search software finds...

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TipTops's Products

TipTop's first consumer facing product is a unique Twitter-based search engine that helps one discover not only the best and most current advice, opinions, and answers for any search, but also...

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TipTops's Team

TipTop's global team of employees and advisors brings together a long history (in internet years) and rich experience in computer science and linguistics, consumer and enterprise search applications, and the software and media industries...

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